Nikita Modi is a photographer currently based in Mumbai, India. Her minimalist personal aesthetic reflects in both her commercial and artworks.

A common thread across her work is the coexistence of harmony with chaos. Nikita sifts through the pandemonium of everyday existence to capture fleeting moments of calm. She has a special fondness for working with film, as the process compels her to be clear in her intentions and commit to each frame. She carries this same commitment forward to the digital medium, taking fewer, well-thought-out photos after finding her calmness in the chaos of thought. Minimal post-processing and manipulation ensures the rawness of real life remains intact in every photo.

Nikita first gravitated towards painting and design before finding her voice in photography. In 2008, she acquired her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious JJ Institute of Applied Art in Mumbai, where she experimented with different media, including acrylic, water colour, charcoal, as well as digital art.Having found that photography was the medium of expression that she was most fluent in, she went on to assist veteran commercial photographers Kedar Malegaonkar and Prasad Naik.

In 2009, Nikita moved to Paris to study at the world-renowned Spéos Institute of Photography. As she pursued her Masters in Photography, she began to develop her own style. Her early work is more objective – inverse to her self-awareness – and continues to become more open-ended as she grows more cemented in her understanding of the self.

Her works include Envy (a WIP),Tranquillity, and Unhinged, to name a few. 

In addition to her art projects, Nikita also works on commercial food, beauty, fashion and fine art commissions.

For national and international commissions and assignments, contact Nikita on info@nikitamodi.com