This introspective project is deeply personal for me, a self-portrait of my state of mind. It is a longing for space, for freedom, for strength to power through extremes, for courage to stand alone, for the ability to remain deeply rooted through it all. 

At 23, as I came into my own, living in a new country and on my own for the first time, I wanted to belong only to myself. I didn’t want to ask anyone for space, I wanted to claim it. A decade on, I continue to build on this diary of sorts. The photos chart my emotional and personal growth – beginning as calm, placid, simplistic, and now moving into increasingly layered, less definitive frames. Earlier my life, like my work, was black and white. It is more subjective now: there is a lot more grey. 

The series, so far has been shot in France, Australia and Ireland. is a mix of single and double exposures on film, using different cameras, different techniques, occasionally experimenting with colours.